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Release Some Shoulds- Empowerment Prompt

Hey Inspiring Souls!

I think that a many of us are surrounded by “shoulds” in our life. It can show up in the way we speak to ourselves and others, the expectations we have of how we spend our days, how we show up in relationships to what we surround ourselves with. (and so much more!)

Today, this week. I want to encourage you to release a little bit of the should in your life.

Some ways to do that:

  1. Go to your bookshelf and pull out 1-5 books that feel like shoulds
  2. Replace one should with I choose (I should drink more water, instead I choose to drink more water because it’s good for my body)
  3. Go to your closet and take out at least 1 should (I should keep this I paid a lot for it, it was a gift etc.. )
  4. Delete a should on your desktop or some other place in your digital world.
  5. Unfollow people or pages that feel like shoulds.
  6. Don’t say yes to something this week that feels like a should

Where do you Should on yourself?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



Things to stop beating yourself up about- Friday 5

5 Things to stop beating yourself up about

1)      Collecting books. Unless you are blowing your budget or pushing out your family members to house the books then I don’t see too much of a problem. If you’re like me at some point you’ll decide to stop beating yourself up about it and give yourself permission to surround yourself with stacks of goodness and potential. Just be mindful if you start feeling like those stacks are an obligation and not opportunity

2)      For not doing enough. Oh boy, this is a difficult one for me! There is often much to do, sometimes we are filling the space with things that we feel like we should be doing. No matter how much we get done. It never feels like enough. What you are doing is enough, in fact, it would be awesome for you to make notes sometimes about all the ways you are rocking it, showing up, getting it done!

3)      For not being the perfect___ (spouse, partner, employee, parent) Look, if you are showing up (as opposed to avoiding) there are bound to be some mistakes, some things you wish you had done,  that you wish you hadn’t done or said or… So forgive yourself, learn from it, move forward.

4)      Your contradictions: I don’t know about you (though I suspect many of you feel the same way) But sometimes I feel like I confuse myself. It’s not just my emotions that feel like they conflict with one another, it’s other things about me too. (Ready and Afraid at once, Introvert and outspoken advocate) Those are just a very few of some of the contradictions I feel like I possess. I think that we can embrace them instead of beating ourselves up about them) own it, use it and appreciate the ways that your contradictions support you! You don’t have to be an either or.

5)      Not having it all together, all figured out.  Because really, who does?! It may seem like some people really do have the secret (whatever that is) but we forget that what we see of others (most especially on Social Media and the like) is curated. It’s meant to show you the parts that they most want to show you (and I am not saying that this is bad, not at all. I am saying it’s not a complete picture). Some things we are figuring out as we go along day by day. Other times we have learned some lessons and hey we might have some of it figured out… for now!

15 Inspired Spring ideas


Hey Inspiring Souls,

Over in this part of the world it’s Springtime (even if the weather seems confused some days!)

It’s really easy for the seasons to zip by and not to have even slowed down long enough to really savor it.

Here are 15 ideas for an Inspired Spring  (and stay tuned through the season for some more in depth ideas!)

  1. Eat seasonally , find one fruit or veggie that is really in season and savor it
  2. Grab your camera (phone) and capture signs of Spring
  3. Buy some flowers or plants to put around your space. (air plants and succulents are fairly durable!)
  4. Plant something
  5. Start a journal for the season, let it capture your thoughts, ideas, images, seasonal wish list etc.
  6. Do some releasing, create some space. Unsubscribe to things that you always delete anyway or that make you feel bad, unfollow , clean stuff off of your desktop or phone (or put into folders if you rarely use or are unsure if you want to keep) Donate books that feel like shoulds, get rid of that thing that really doesn’t fit you anymore but you keep just in case.
  7. Choose 1 or 2 natural cleaners to start using in your cleaning tasks.
  8. Create a Springtime music playlist
  9. Get outside
  10. Choose a book or 3 to savor
  11. Move some things around, refresh your space, your wardrobe. Use what you have to create more of what you want!
  12. Learn something new or restart something you miss that you haven’t made the time for.
  13. Go to a local farmers market and take in the local goodness. I like to get flowers, a little bit of fruit or veggies depending on what looks good and tacos at ours!
  14. Notice how what you are eating makes you feel. If you notice that things with a lot of sugar or gluten or… make you feel off, bloated, lethargic. Try cutting some of those out of your diet.
  15. Create something, spread paint, stitch something, write, dance, sing. Create something, birth something!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Come Home to Yourself – Layers of Your Truth Course

Hey Beautiful Souls!

I wanted to share with you all one last time my newest course/group (a long time in the dreaming/making) Layers of  Your Truth: Practices and Prompts to support you in coming home to yourself.

Click HERE to get the full course description. We start March 20th, 2018 

I like to think of this as more than a course, it’s a journey to find more of your truth in your life right now and to support you going forward.
Here is what you will get from this course…
  • Learning to trust yourself, your intuition/gut more.
  • Expressing yourself creatively in several different ways. Creativity has many benefits for the mind, body, and soul. (And for the record you ARE creative!)
  • Exploring soulful and practical tools to support your personal growth that you can apply to other areas of your life internally and externally.
  • Gaining clarity on what is most important to you and creating practices that best support you in living that out more and more in your daily life.
  • Help you in feeling supported in creating a life bit by bit that feels like home to you, that feels like a right fit for you and your truth.
I hope you will join us on this journey ❤
Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered

Layers of Your Truth… A new Course/Group

Hey Beautiful Soul!

I am really excited to announce the upcoming release of one of a few passion projects I wanted to create and share this year.

Layers of Your Truth: Practices and Prompts to support you in coming home to yourself.

This is a pay what you can course go HERE for all the info. 

If you are ready to feel more support, alignment, and direction in your life,  this is the course for you.

This round I will be doing a “pay what you can”.

We will be exploring with various creative, introspective and practical prompts and practices in this journey.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


it’s time… Inspired words

From my Instagram musings…

It’s time to stop holding back, to stop treating yourself (dreams, desires, health) as an afterthought. Let yourself be seen, be bold in pursuing what’s true for you. Stop shrinking down to fit what you think others expect from and of you. Get out of your own way. Inch there if you have to, but don’t give up on yourself. Start from where you are, right here -right now (even if that place is chaotic, messy, feels broken or tangled.)

#youvegotthis ❤

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


This month I want to….

Hey Beautiful!

How are you? Can you believe it’s a new month already?!  (yes, my usual statement at the start of the month!)

Something I asked in one of my groups is “What is one practice you can experiment with this month that would nourish what you desire to create? I like using the word experiment here as it feels like less pressure to choose that habit and stick to it the rest of the year. If you really connect with it then awesome make it a regular practice, if you don’t then that’s ok.  You are closer to finding the practices that will truly be your touchstones!

Maybe it’s to focus on your breath with intention, drink more water, journal, gather and glue inspiration, take a photo a day or a week, move your body more.

I am a fan of having goals, intentions, dreams, inspirations (whatever word(s) feel right) for the month. Time flies by and it’s easy to let it slip away from you and then beat yourself up for not doing or trying (fill in the blank!)

Another way to approach your month with intention is to answer some or all of the prompts on this sheet (free PDF, if this link doesn’t work for you go to the site under “For Your Inspired Life”

Do you have any traditions, rituals or practices for the months or seasons?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered