Infuse your-journal prompt

What do you want to infuse your life with?

Here is to living with intention



Promises-Tuesday Truths

Hey lovely Souls

How often do you make promises to yourself that you break? Many of us do this on a regular basis without even thinking about it. This is often not true when it comes promises we make to others.

Honor yourself by honoring your word to yourself!

Here is to living with intention


Noticed -weekend empowerment challenge

Hey Beautiful Souls!

This weekends challenge can be interpreted various ways from capturing via a photo, written, (free write or lists) , drawn etc… From the perspective of visually or internally.

Document what you are noticing. I’m encouraging you to choose at least 4 “things”

A few ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

How you are feeling

What you are craving

The light streaming in

The breeze or heat

Words or phrases that you keep seeing

Bits of conversation you’ve overheard or keep having

What are you noticing lately?!

Here is to living with intention


Watercolors and stencils-creative prompt

Hey Creative Souls!

Creative prompt:

Grab a stencil or two and play with watercolor and stencils.

I also played around with just squeezing my water brush with varied colors to play with the various pigment possibilities!

If you don’t have watercolors use what you have to play around with. Use crayons, craft paint etc. no stencils? See if you can look around your space and get curious about might work in a different way than it’s original purpose is!

Here is to living a life with intention!



Found words- journal prompts

Hey inspiring souls!

This week for the journal prompt, let’s pull inspiration from a found word prompt…

choose either word or the phrase and write, print, draw or collage about it!

Here is to living with intention!


15 seconds of peace- inspiration through the lens

Take a deep breath and slowly release while soaking in 15 (ish) seconds of peace

List go to’s-weekend empowerment challenge

Hey beautiful souls,

I love lists of so many kinds!

We all have those times where we feel we are responding to life’s demands. (With no room for ourselves)

So this weekends challenge is to create a go to list of self care, sanity saving, deep breath inducing actions/tools. What are your go to’s?!

Some on my list are:

  • Journal/lists
  • Deep breaths (hand on heart)
  • Music (inspirational songs)
  • Essential oils lavender is one of my faves
  • Creating (even ripping a page from a magazine and gluing it down)
  • Reading

What’s on your list?

Here is to living with intention