Look up- Weekend Empowerment Challenge

Weekend empowerment challenge!

Hey Inspiring Souls,

This weekend challenge is to… Look up,

So often are looking at our phones and the stuff at eye level. This weekend look up and notice the sky, the clouds, sunsets, birds, trees. Bonus points of you snap a pic!

Here’s to living with intention



Simple Pleasures – Journal Prompt

Hey Inspiring Souls,

I am of the belief that often what makes some days good often are simple pleasures. If we wait for the big moments we will miss so much of the goodness in the everyday.

So this weeks prompt is to make a list of simple pleasures… Try and come up with at least 10. 

Bonus for adding a few into your schedule this week (or even better to your daily!)

Some of mine are:



Stacks of books

A “yummy” magazine



Face mask


A really good meal

Here is to living with Intention


Environment Check in- Mindful Moment Monday

Hey Beautiful Souls!

Our environment hold more influence than we often realize. I know for me when life or my head get chaotic, my environment reflects that.

Today, I encourage you to stop for a moment and take a look around a space or several spaces you are in often. How does it feel? Does it support what you want to feel and how you want to be?

If not, what is one tiny thing you can shift?

Here is to living with Intention


20 things to do this Fall

Hey Lovely Souls,

I love the Fall time! And I love lists, I find them especially helpful  in a year that is flying by!

Here are some ideas to help you have an inspired Fall!

  1. Fill a journal (with wish lists, pretty pictures, dreams, sorrows, ideas)
  2. Create a photo series for the season
  3. Try a fruit or veggie that’s in season locally
  4. Decorate a pumpkin (or decorate with pumpkins)
  5. Cozy up a spot (Soft throws, add more pillows)
  6. Find your seasonal drink or two (choose a few teas, play around with a coffee combo)
  7. Declutter, release some things and make space for the year ahead
  8. Go to the Farmers market
  9. Make chili (veggie, beef, turkey whatever fits your taste buds!)
  10. Bake something
  11. Decorate with string lights
  12. Sit outside and journal
  13. Start a challenge (some ideas journal daily for 5 minutes, do childs pose, meditate)
  14. Create a playlist
  15. Bring the outside in, buy a plant, collect bits of nature and display them in fun ways.
  16. Buy (or bust out ones you have had since last year) candles to burn (safely) each evening (or when you think about it)
  17. Play with combos in your diffuser for your essential oils
  18. Put together a wellness kit (hand sanitizer, essential oils, tea, natural remedies)
  19. Create a stack of books to read this fall
  20. Go to local fairs, pumpkin patches or any other goodness that is local and seasonal!

Here is to  living a life of intention




Start a new journal-Fall inspiration prompt

Hey Beautiful Souls!

Over this next few weeks I’ll be sharing some fall inspirations, prompts and goodness.

Fall inspiration prompt:

Start a new journal. Glue pictures, make lists, vent , fill pages with gratitude and goodness, pretty pictures and great words, ideas, write your prayers. Sorrows . Wishlists there are no rules!

Let yourself explore, mix it up, try something new or go back to your “journaling roots”

Start fresh (I’ve started the above adorable composition notebook as my fall/rest of 2018 journal!)

Here is to living with intention.


Fall intentions

Hey inspiring Souls,

What’s on your fall list?

Here is to living with Intention


Try it 2018- Living with Intention

Hey Empowered Souls,

I cant’ tell you how many times I have said about a zillion things. I would really like to try that, go there, explore that.

And while it may not be an option for us to follow every one of those whims. We an choose one or a few that keep showing up for us. Let these be simple, doable and only ones that really keep tugging at you (and don’t take away from what goals and dreams you have decided to keep and accomplish this year) Some ideas that might spark some of your try it’s!

That place to eat that you keep saying you want to try (yet you keep going to your same ol beloved places!)

Yoga (you don’t have to sign up for an entire series just go to one class, try that one video)

Playing with paint (seriously get inexpensive supplies and just play, don’t put the expectation of masterpiece or nothing. Just try it, explore an afternoon, an hour, 15 minutes)

The new look (make up, accessories, whatever) who says you have to even go anywhere. Rock it around your house, try it!

Meditation (tip: I LOVE the app called insight timer it’s free and full of so many varieties for meditation)

That recipe

The list could go on an on!

What do you want to try? (remember keep it simple!)

Here is to living with Intention