Journaling Prompts

Distracting me- Journal Prompt

Hey Lovely Souls,

The world is noisy in so many ways,  there is so much information from all directions.

But if we allow ourselves to slow down for a moment and listen, we can start to determine what really is distracting us.

This weeks journal prompt is:

What is truly distracting me from what I say I want to create, experience and accomplish?

Here is to living with Intention



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My body needs- Journal Prompt


Hey Lovely Souls,


A simple and powerful question (and one I am needing to ask myself especially the last few days) is this weeks journal prompt..

Right now my body needs…

Asking your body what it needs. A great way to get into some awareness is to stop for a moment, close your eyes and check in. Where are you feeling discomfort, anxiousness, a need for food or water, a need for a good stretch etc..

Don’t overthink this or even edit it.. just allow whatever pops into your head and spills on the page flow out.

Here is to living with Intention


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9 ways a notebook/journal can support your care-giving journey- Empowered Care taking

Hey Wonderful Soul! These tips are geared towards my fellow caregivers out there, but most of them could be used by anyone. Here are 9 ways to use a journal/notebook to support your care-giving journey.

  1. Vent, it’s perfectly ok to spew out your frustrations. Especially if you don’t feel you have anyone who get’s it.. sometimes just getting it out of your head helps one feel calmer.
  2. Gratitude, sometimes finding that gratitude will feel like an excavation. Try and express it anyways.. One thing in depth, a list of 2-5 things, doodle it (maybe it’s that cup of… or the sun-shining or a good day for your loved one)
  3. Doodle, you DO NOT have to have any (like zero, zilch) drawing skills to doodle. Just create spirals, draw bits from your day to day (remember embrace imperfection here)
  4. Write your favorite quotes or song lyrics
  5. Write down your wins from that day or week. (and they can be seemingly tiny)
  6. Make a list of what things you need to do, want to look into, follow up on.
  7. Track your loved ones symptoms, behaviors etc..
  8. Make a list of self care actions you can take. (even in a few minutes a day, deep breaths, music, gratitude, creativity etc..)
  9. Glue in pictures, images from magazines, words you are drawn to.. this is a space, budget and time friendly way to engage in creativity on the regular.

I will leave the list at that for this post, though I could probably go on!

Essentially you really can’t do the journal/notebook thing wrong.  Choose one or a few ideas that you are drawn to and start there. It also doesn’t need to be anything fancy… The journal can be a composition notebook, spiral bound “cheap” one, pretty journal, blank book.. anything goes!

Here is to living and caring with intention


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A few ideas for creative organization

Hey inspiring souls!

I thought I’d share a few ideas I’m using for creative organizing.

The top image is dollar store pencil pouches with rings to secure together. I’m using mine for Washi. There are a lot of uses for these though. Some being small images, floss for cross stitching, watercolor paints and brushes, a little journal and pens etc….

Second one is a pretty dish I got from a thrift store. I use to hang my earrings on. This could also be used for various things. Washi, change, crystals etc

I will be exploring my supplies to see what I can us creatively. I invite you to do the same.

Here is to living with Intention


Journaling Prompts

Messages Lately- Journal Prompt

Hey Inspiring Soul!

With life so often noisy, busy and distracting… It’s easy not to hear or see what messages are showing up in our own lives.

This week I invite you to spend a little time with your journal and slow down to listen and to see.

Ask yourself..

What messages are showing up in my life lately? (this might be in the form of music, symbols, cravings, words, pain, joy etc… ) 

Here is to living with Intention


Monday Mindset

Defeat- Monday Mindset

Hey Beautiful Soul!

How are you doing these days? Really?

I have noticed many people (including myself way more often than I care to admit) with the mindset of defeat.

We often declare defeat before we even start. Is this true for you? What might you be “shutting down” before you have even really thought it all the way out or tried or started?

This weeks Monday Mindset Mantra is:

I choose to see possibility within and around me, even in unexpected ways and places.

Here is to living with Intention