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{Caregiver} photo prompts

Hey amazing Soul!

As a caregiver it’s easy to get consumed with all there is to do , figure out, monitor etc..

We can often feel disconnected from our creativity. Most of you likely have access to some kind of camera (I use the one on my phone all the time). I thought I would share 5 photo prompts to play around with. No fancy equipment or skill required!

1) Your loved ones hands (I feel like hands tell so many stories)

2) A picture of you and the one(s) you care for

3) Something around your home that tells a story (of your days, your life, theirs) a vase, mug, adaptive equipment, flowers or plant, books, jewelry the list could go on and on

4) feels like me ( outfit, book, quote, nature, activity etc)

5) Light and or shadows

Here is to living with intention



Mid year reflection and pondering

Hey inspiring souls!
With the state of the world these days it may almost feel like there’s no point in doing a nod year check in.
I believe there is and that this time despite the unknowns can be seen as an opportunity. An opportunity to learn and to unlearn to start determining or redefining what truly matters to us.

So I will share some prompts to get you started reflecting and pondering.

What was my word or phrase of the year? How has it showed up?
What lessons or things have I learned so far this year?
How have I showed up this year?
What would I like to release? (Maybe it’s expectations or specific goals)
What matters to me?

What do I want to feel?
What do I want to create?
What do I want to savor or explore?
What opportunities are in this moment that I feel called to?
What needs tending to?

Here is to living with intention
Creative Prompts, Journaling Prompts

One word prompts

Hey Lovely Soul

Sometimes a step by step is a great way to get things flowing with our journaling, creativity and introspection. Sometimes all it takes is one word…

Here are 7 one word prompts to interpret anyway you feel called to.

  1. Truth
  2. Release
  3. Spaciousness
  4. Joy
  5. Grief
  6. Choose
  7. Enough

Here is to living with Intention


Empowered Caregiver

5 Affirmations for Caregivers- Empowered Caregiver


Hey Lovely Souls..

It’s likely that you are either a caregiver or know someone who is. Supporting caregivers is becoming more and more of a passion for me. So you will be seeing more of these types of posts as I go forward.

Most of us have lots of “stuff” swirling around in our heads. This can feel especially true if you are a caregiver. To do, stuff to look out for, medications, symptoms, appointments, household “stuff” the list goes on.

We can beat ourselves up for being “behind on everything” and that we should be doing more.. Being in that cycle of beating yourself up over and over is stressful, bad for you mental and physical well being.

When you find yourself going down that path (or as a “preventive”) repeat affirmations to yourself each day.

  1. I must care for myself in order to truly care for others. Caring for myself is the foundation to being a present and empowered caregiver.
  2. I am doing the best I can each day in each situation
  3. I’ve got this!
  4. I am capable of handling whatever the day presents me with (or throws at me!)
  5. Just Breathe

Here is to living a life of intention



7 Lists for your planner (or journal)

Hey Lovely Souls

I have a thing for planners. But I am not someone who usually has the patience to sit and decorate planners thoughtfully. I found myself with an extra weekly planner that I had purchased for someone but they decided not to use it.

So I decided to use it for some lists.. Here are some ideas if you have a planner sitting around waiting to be used (though of course these could be in any notebook)

  1. Observed and Overheard (sounds, words,sights etc)
  2. More of less of
  3. Mini Journaling
  4. Brain dump
  5. Goodness and Gratitude
  6. Wins and woes
  7. AM/PM Intentions and Reflections

Here is to living with intention



To do list…be

Be intentional in your actions,words, time interactions
Be you, stop editing your soul
Listen more, to your truth, tugging , to others joys and sorrows
Laugh, laughter is great medicine
Love, show it, speak it, express it
Be Present in your own life, in causes you care deeply about , in the discomfort

Here’s to living with intention

Editing yourself ~ Soul notes

How are you editing yourself lately? Where do you dismiss your own desires and need for…
I encourage you to start to notice…
it may come in the form of .. I can’t , should or shouldn’t , when things calm down or get better

Here is to living with intention
Thursday Thoughts

Showing up, Grace and Noticing- Thursday Thoughts

Hey Amazing Soul,

I have re written this intro at least 3 times. I find myself in place where I have so much to say. Yet nothing that feels right… right now.

I am doing what I appreciate when others do. I am showing up anyway.

Our showing up might look different day to day. This is always true. But it feels especially true these days in the midst of so so much unknown. Showing up anyway is not about ignoring your gut,feelings or needs. It’s the opposite. Actually  It’s often about honoring those things.

Give yourself grace and know that your attention and your energy often will ebb and flow.

Stop shoulding on yourself

Check your expectations, do they even belong to you? Do they really “fit” for life right now?

I think that for many of us we are shifting on many levels, in ways we can’t quite “put our finger on” Lean in, start to notice what is below, bubbling to the surface. It’s not about figuring it out.. it’s simply about noticing right now.

That’s all for now loves

Here is to living with Intention



Journaling Prompts

Brain-dump- Journal Prompt

Hey Lovely Souls!

Something I do every week, most weeks a few times at least , is a Brain dump. For those of you that don’t know a brain-dump is a list of the stuff that’s in your head (and heart) that’s tugging at you, bugging you, things you need to do, think you should do, want to do (look up, accomplish, try , create etc)

There is actually no wrong way to do this. It’s essentially a tool, a container to help you create a little bit of space in your head.

  • Grab your journal, a napkin, scrap piece of paper or notes app
  • Grab something to write with
  • optional set a timer for 5-10 minutes
  • “dump” out whatever is on your mind… no rules, particular order or priority. Just simply get it out of you head.
  • Revisit if needed another time or day. Sometimes there will be things you will want to take action on. Many times it’s simply just a landing spot to clear some space. Let it be whatever it is… Don’t over think.. and go!

Here is to living with Intention