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Book Pre-Order and Supporting those in need!

Hey Beautiful Souls!

I am thrilled to announce the launch of a passion project I have been working on this year. This is a project that my Dad and I were working on for a while now. He passed away before we could finish it (and we had just recommitted a few months before he passed away) It was too tender of a project to finish last year for me and for those I would have asked for some support on. So I committed to getting it completed this year and self published. While I have run into a few tech glitches out of my control (but in the process of being solved) I was able to put it to pre-order!

If you are looking for a different kind of devotional one that explores  the intersection of spirituality and creativity and prompts (I call them Soul Prompts) to help you take that idea into your daily life in a practical manner then this book is for you! 

For the first 60 days of this books sales all proceeds earned will be donated to help the victims of the devastating Paradise, CA fires (near Chico, CA) we have family in Chico a very close town to the one that has been virtually destroyed.

You can find out more about the book and Pre-Order here!!!

Here is to living with Intention



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Monthly Reflection and Intentions

Hey Lovely Souls,

Well ready or not it’s November (or just about depending on when you are reading this) So I thought I would share some prompts to reflect on the month coming to an end and some prompts to set intentions for the new month in front of us.


  • What went well this month
  • What are a few highlights, good moments I had this month?
  • What did I notice this month?
  • What did I put of or resist this month?
  • Where did I rock it , show up this month?


  • What do I want to feel this month?
  • What do I want to create this month?
  • What do I want to explore this  month?
  • What do I want to accomplish this month
  • What do I want to savor this month?

Here is to living with Intention


Re-evaluate your 2018 goals- Living with Intention

Hey Lovely Souls,

I am doing a series of prompts over the next few weeks for leaning into the rest of 2018 with intention.

Intention Prompt:

Re-evaluate your goals for 2018. When the year starts we often have this idealistic view of all we can and want to do, we get inspired by others lists and we start adding to ours. There is nothing wrong with getting inspired by others and even adding things to your list. But when I am suggesting here is that you think of those as an inspiration list of things that might be awesome to do, learn, create or accomplish.  And then to look at your lists of dreams/goals/resolutions for this year. What hasn’t happened yet? What do you really truly want to still dive into from this list.

Choose the ones that are really important to you and are tugging at you. Allow the rest just to be put aside or put on the inspiration list of things that could be awesome this or next year or…

This is the perfect time to re-evaluate what really matters to you to accomplish or start, create, explore this year. Then you know what your energy needs to go towards.

Here is to living with Intention


Go to prompts when you don’t know what to write

Hey Beautiful Souls,

If you have ever read my blog before you  know how I feel about journaling! If not, I will tell you now. I love it, it’s the tool that has helped support me in so many ways. It’s such a forgiving and inexpensive practice (unless you have a journal buying problem, that I may or may not have lol)

Even the  most “seasoned” journalers can sometimes feel stuck when it comes to showing up to the blank page.

Here are some go to prompts:

  1. Right now (I feel, Need)
  2. Truth
  3. Currently, life looks like…
  4. More of/ less of list
  5. Where I am currently putting my energy and attention.
  6. Lately I am noticing

Several of these would be awesome done for a week solid or month. They also stand on their own just fine!

Grab your journal and go for it!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



15 seconds of peace- inspiration through the lens

Take a deep breath and slowly release while soaking in 15 (ish) seconds of peace

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