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15 Journal Prompts to explore…



Hey Inspiring Souls!

My journal has been a support system for me for many years now. It’s an anchor of sorts. The thing about journaling is we can’t do it wrong, it’s incredibly forgiving you can write one entry and the next one can be weeks, months or years later and your journal will not judge you!

I also know that sometimes even if we feel we have a lot to say that we open to that blank page and we feel like we go blank! To help you out with that or simply give you a diving in point here are 15 journal prompts…

  1. Right now I need
  2. Right now I feel
  3. Truth
  4. What do I hear, taste, see, smell, feel?
  5. More of, less of
  6. Gratitude, describe in detail one or two things.. (so not just I am grateful for my sight.. what are you seeing that brings you gratitude about that.. why.. ) or a  simple list.. again no.wrong.way!
  7. What nourishes me
  8. What is draining me
  9. Currently loving
  10. Wins and Woes
  11. F*%K it list
  12. Things I appreciate about myself
  13. Lessons learned lately ( you define lately)
  14. Affirmations
  15. What I am resisting, yet crave.

Here is to living with Intention


Journaling Prompts

Go to prompts – Journal Prompts

Hey Beautiful Soul,

Sometimes we want to journal more or start a journal but we feel we don’t have much to write about. Anything goes for your journal write lists, thoughts, vents… the list could go on and on.. but today I wanted to share a handful of “go to prompts” that you can pull out anytime you are stuck or just want a starting point.

  1. Right now I need
  2. Right now i feel
  3. Truth
  4. On my Heart
  5. More of less of
  6. Senses (feel, hear, touch, smell, taste, see)

Here is to living with Intention



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In Detail- Journal Prompt

Hello Kind Soul,

Life get’s chaotic, we get distracted by all the undones, not yet’s, not rights etc.

I was recently reminded of how powerful detailed gratitude can be. What I mean by this is instead of writing out  say 3-5 + things you are grateful for (Clean Water, my job, family etc.. )  You get specific about 1 (I am grateful for my family and the way we can rally together in times of difficulty….

So this week’s journal prompt is to do just that.

Choose one thing you are grateful for and describe what and why in detail.

Here is to living with Intention


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Releasing -Journal prompts +


Heya Beautiful Souls!

As we rapidly approach the end of 2016 (part of me is thankful, it’s been a really intense year in SO many ways and another part of me is like whoa how did that happen and I so not ready yet!) This is the time of year that many of us like  to reflect and to start dreaming for the year ahead. In fact, I have usually done a lot more of this by now, but life has been a bit hectic and being in denial of the time of year doesn’t help lol.

In This post, I go over ways and questions and ways to reflect on your year.  I find this a really important part of the process.

So with this year holding so much for so many of us. We are bound to unintentionally take some of the heaviness into the new year with us. So I thought we would look at a few ways to release before we go into the new year. Now don’t get me wrong, often within these things we are letting go of were lessons, beauty, and realizations. Let’s capture those as well… However what I am suggesting we intentionally release is the judgment or heaviness around these things as best we can.

A few ways to release…

  1. Write a goodbye letter to those things. Dear ___ it’s time for me to let you go. Thank  You for the (lesson, beauty, wake-up call etc.. ) However, I am ready to release the hold you have on me…  fill in any more feelings, vent it out…give it a piece of your mind. Seriously.. this might feel a little strange but is a great way to release. Now burn it.. (safely of course) if you can’t or don’t feel comfortable doing that… Rip it up into tiny pieces and throw it away but do so saying Thank You, Goodbye and I am ready to move forward while taking the lessons and beauty that you gave me.
  2. Get a bottle of kids bubbles.. stay with me here 🙂 and go outside.. preferably where you have a little space to really speak out loud…Now as you blow the bubbles name the things you are letting go of.. visualize when those bubbles pop that’s the hold they have on you disappearing.
  3. Create a list of things, beliefs and people you want to let go of… Sometimes simply naming it feels like you have loosened your grip and create some space in your life for what and who truly feels aligned.

Be on the look out this week for prompts and ideas for creating an inspired year.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative, and Empowered,



Fall – Journal Prompt


Hey Inspiring Souls!

For many of us it’s Fall.. already! I know for many of us that the year has been flying by at an alarming rate! One great way to not let the season slip away from us is to make a list of things we want to do, experience, create etc. in a season. So that is this week’s journal prompt!

This Fall (Season) I want to:







May all of your Fall dreams unfold beautifully!


Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Heather Shafer

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What if… Soul Notes


What if you..

  • Did it anyways
  • Showed up
  • Let Go
  • Moved through “what will they think” into how will I feel
  • Sought out laughter.. daily (bonus points if you laugh so much you giggle snort!)
  • Made a mess (in a fun way!)
  • Created Space for your dreams (or for dreaming!)
  • Asked your body what it needed to feel nourished (multiple times a day!)
  • Asked for what you wanted, even in the tiniest way and even “just” from yourself
  •  Defined it for yourself
  • Asked yourself “What If” (the good energy possibility filled what if, not the dooms day what if!)

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered

Heather Shafer

Journaling Prompts

Choices and Values – Journal Prompt


Hey Inspiring Souls

This weeks Journal Prompt is one that is a good one to check in with on a fairly regular basis!

Are my choices truly reflecting my core values?

Sometimes it seems like on the surface you are, but when you really step back from them you realize you were making choices not out of your values but out of habit, to avoid conflict or any other number of reasons. But not truly out of what you value.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered